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Things to do on a Saturday Night in Dublin


Dublin’s primary attractions stem from its rich history, culture and architecture, some of which goes back as long as the Viking Era. As it is one of Europe’s most walk-able cities, the best way to have fun in the summers is to indulge in the many outdoor activities here, as well as taking a look at the places that are located outside the city center.

Being primarily known as a tourist city though, there are also a number of different hotels spread throughout the city. Thus, you can definitely find something suitable here, if staying within a walking distance of the city center is your priority.

If you are already here or you are planning your next trip, here are a few things you shouldn’t miss out on when in Dublin on a Saturday night:

Take a Free Walking Tour

If you think the Irish are always stereotyped as being talkative and fun, take a free walking tour of the city and you will soon find out. While the tour might be as long as 3 hours, it is a great way to check out the primary attractions here. You will also get to learn a lot about the history and Irish culture.

In addition to this, as the tour guides are mostly locals, they can recommend some good restaurants, cafes and bars to spend your weekend as well. While the tours are free, you can also choose to drop in a little tip for the guides.

Try the Burgers


One of the best places to have burgers in Dublin is Trinity Bar Venue. In fact, a burger from the sports bar made it to the list of ‘top 10 burgers to eat in Ireland before you die’. Besides, what’s a weekend without the right amount of fast food, right?

The bar menu also has daily specials that are worth checking out. Do remember to drop by if you are looking for 0% fillers, not oily, and amazingly delicious burgers.

Live Music 

Live music every night of the week

The Irish also have a thing for music; this is why you will notice that almost every pub you walk in has a live music on a Saturday night. The atmosphere is pretty contagious, the people are nice and the nights are filled with interesting live acts.

While there are a number of bars in the city that will grab your attention, and you will definitely find new drinking buddies, if you are looking for the best in entertainment, visit Trinity Bar Venue. The bar holds live music nights every night of the week and is hands down one of the best places to be in Dublin on a Saturday night.

Dublin’s nightlife has a long tradition of pubs, and excellent music venues. There are also a number of pubs that have managed to stay fairly authentic with the rustic themes. However, if you are looking for something more modern, come right down to the Trinity Bar Venue, one of most visited sports bars. It has live music nights, different types of sports being screened on the 20 different ultra HD screens and lots more! Book your table for the weekend now!

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