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Top Tourist Spots in Dublin


Vacationing in Dublin, Ireland, is an experience that you would want to repeat over and over again. Dublin is the city of poets and lovers and has a wide variety of attractions to offer. Whether you are visiting with family or friends, this city will satisfy the desires and wishes of each and every individual. The beautiful phoenix park and the historic castles and museums will surely make your time here memorable. Some of the most visited tourists’ spots in Dublin are mentioned below.

Exploring the Trinity College and Library


Trinity College is the perfect mix of historic and contemporary architecture with beautiful expanse of gardens in the summers, where you can simply take a stroll or have a picnic. The stunning library in the Trinity College boasts a wonderful exhibit of books. There are hundreds of thousands of books here. The Book of Kells is extraordinary and should not be missed. When visiting the Trinity College, you can opt for a student tour. The tour is cheap but provides you with an excellent opportunity to explore the institute. Prepare to walk quite a bit as vehicles are not allowed inside. During the mini-tour, the history of the college and the building will be covered.

Science Gallery


The Science Gallery is another educational way to tour Dublin if you are traveling with kids or like the innovative applications of science in real life. The Science Gallery boasts amazing displays of robotic technology, bio-fuels, nanotechnology and techno-thread clothing. The information filled tour takes less than 30 minutes under the supervision of a guide, which can provide you with the necessary information.

Exploring the Dubh Linn Gardens



Dubh Linn stands for dark pool. It sounds sinister but be assured that it is a delightful place to visit. Its popularity with the tourists is on account of its beautiful landscaped gardens and the intricate Gaelic designs on the pavements and the helicopter landing pad. The artistically arranged gardens provide a beautiful backdrop to the “Garda memorial gardens”. It is a peaceful place to take a stroll and to have a little picnic with family and friends while relaxing under the sun.

Visit the Loft Markets and Trinity Bar


If you are a shopaholic or simply want to take mementos from your time in Dublin, Loft Market is the perfect place to spruce up your fashion style. The local fashion designers and artists sell their wares here. You can find plenty of vintage items and local jewelry brands at the market. The colorful wares and the local people make this a fun place to visit so make sure that you are camera ready when you go there and take a lot of photographs. Another highly recommended place is The Trinity Bar and Venue located at Dame Street, which provides you with the perfect way to experience the local draft beers and live music while watching a game of rugby on super HD screens.

The National Museum of Ireland


This museum has a premier collection of Irish material heritage. There are several cultural and natural exhibits here. The most wonderful thing is that there is no entrance fee. The “Gold Horde Collection” is unique and must not be missed. Other attractive features in the museum are the long boat, the bog man and the specific area dedicated to the Vikings. The medieval art collection and beautiful Viking craftsmanship makes this a great attraction for tourists with families.

Visit these spots the next time you are vacationing in Dublin. These will make your travel experience delightful and full of fun and adventure.

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