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How to Celebrate Your Team’s Victory


When your team wins a match, what should you do? Pat them on the back, go home and put your feet up after a hard day at the field? No! Get out there and celebrate! If you are a coach, remind yourself of the importance of celebrating a good outcome and provide a platform for the team to celebrate as one.

There are many ways to achieve that, some of which are listed below:

Celebrate With Food

Food is the biggest positive reinforcement and the best way to tell the team that their efforts are valued. Head to a nice restaurant and treat the whole team to some wonderful food. Burgers, pizzas or Chinese; it totally depends on you, and what your team would like to eat. Trinity Venue And Bar serves the meanest burgers in town, voted the best in Dublin. Who doesn’t like a thick juicy burger and the full HD screen to watch a game or two? You can also explore the other food options that are available there.

Buy Them a Drink

It is very important to maintain a work-life balance. The players have pushed themselves to the utmost limits and trained hard to win. Thank them by buying them a drink or a good old fashioned pint in one of the bars in Dublin. Trinity Bar has the best whiskey in town. They serve them in huge glasses with the foam crowning the top of the glass like a frothy cloud. Or if you are looking for something different, order up one of their cocktails. They are unique and expertly mixed.

Throw a Party

Training for the final game is an arduous journey from which every team player has to go through. Celebrate your team’s victory by throwing them a wonderful party. Organize an event where there is good wholesome food, a bar and some entertainment and live music to cheer everything up. Trinity Bar and Venue has all of these qualities. You can book them for a wonderful night of fun and enjoyment. Moreover, if you are celebrating your sport’s victory, what better way to do that, than by watching a rerun of the game on a huge super HD screen?

Sweeten the Deal

What better way to compliment and thank the team than treating them to good coffee accompanied by a sweet treat? If you are looking for coffee and expertly baked goods to delight your sweeter side, there are many cafes in town where you can get a pretty great combination of both. The Cake Café, the Queen of Tarts and the Slice serve the best tasting baked goods in town.

All of these places offer you a great way to celebrate your team victory. Winning is important but celebrating afterwards is the essence to why we aspire to win. Basking in the afterglow of the victory can be heightened by celebrating your team win with the people equally invested in it. So celebrate your victory and have a memorable time with your team.

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