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Where to Watch El Clasico Barcelona vs. Real Madrid in Dublin



The El Clasico

For those who are not familiar with the El Clasico match between the dominant rivals, Barcelona and Real Madrid, we are here to help. The most famous football event of the year, El Clasico was pushed to a later date of November 8 due to the intervention from the Spanish Government.

The Final Show-Down at Camp Nou

The La Liga duo rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona will face off each other at Camp Nou that will most probably be the turning point of the year. Real Madrid had maintained its winning streak in 2014, with 22 points and has subsequently won the world cup series. However, the devastating duo of Lionel Messi and Neymar with excellent synchronization are ready to put their training to effect. The impressive stadium of Camp Nou has excellent visual effects. It is specifically built as a reminder to outsiders of Spanish values and the high expectations that they have with their team, which goes beyond simply winning the game. It’s rather the spirit of representing and belonging to something as prestigious as La Liga.

Barcelona’s Performance

The previous season has seen some shockers, but Barcelona has shined and shed its muddied reputation by rising as a bright contender for the El Clasico. Last season was marred for Barcelona due to the FIFA ban on transfer of players against the injuries of Iniesta and Messi. Against all that unpleasantness, Barcelona persevered and is conditioned to win this season. The team is satisfied with the number of trophies they have won over the years and are hungry for more. To stay at the top of the leader board, Barcelona’s team players and the manager have maintained their consistent beliefs, resilience and quality in game strategy. The choreography between the players can be observed on the field. Their desire and endurance to win is quite admirable.

The Trump Card of Real Madrid

There are a millions of reasons for which Real Madrid can win the championship. Their defensive ranks and the midfield is exceptional with a reasonable attacking strategy. The injury crisis which has occurred at Camp Nou can be beneficial to Real Madrid. Messi the star player of Barcelona has a limping injury which can prevent him from playing. This crisis can evaporate any real hope Barcelona has of winning. The Barcelona fans are however, praying that Messi will be back stronger and fiercer than ever.

The Best Place to Watch El Clasico in Dublin

The sport loving fans in Dublin can go to the Trinity Bar And Venue, which has two huge super HD screens, good food and the largest collection of whiskeys and beers in Dublin. You can watch the final showdown between Real Madrid and Barcelona with your friends and family here. Trinity Bar allows you to enjoy all the action without sacrificing on comfort. It’s unlike any other sports bar. The clean and comfortable ambiance makes this the perfect place to enjoy the final game between the Spanish rivals. In Trinity Bar, you can gobble down amazing burgers and traditional Irish food without missing any highlights of the game. So have fun and may the best team win!

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