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Top 5 Stag Do Activities in Dublin


If your best friend has selected you to be his best man at his wedding, your duties exceed far more than just standing beside him on his wedding day in a tux. There are several responsibilities of a best man. The most important one is to arrange a memorable and exciting stag do for the groom-to-be.

The first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word stag do is beer and strip clubs. But there are several PG options available for people who simply want to hang out with the mates. Celebrating the last night of freedom with your best friend might put a little pressure on you. The stakes are high and you want to do right by him. We can help you find the best stag do activities that you can arrange in Dublin.

i. 4×4 Off-Road Driving

If the groom-to-be is adventurous, he will be excited by this activity. The unforgettable 90-minute session of white-knuckle driving will leave you wanting more. However, dangerous as it sounds, it is perfectly safe. The catch is that the driver has to possess a driving license, so don’t forget it at home. A party for 4 can enjoy the amazing and daring drive through the picturesque countryside. The action-packed drive is a courageous way to celebrate your mate’s impending marriage.

ii. Wilderness Adventure

This stag do activity has it all, paintball, blindfold driving, aerial trekking and a giant swing. It is the perfect way to bond with the groom-to-be in the beautiful wilderness and celebrate your friendship in the best way possible.

iii. Bohemian FC Football Tickets

Bohemian FC is the oldest and the third most successful leagues in Ireland. The 11-times winner has a fan following that is notorious for their proud and cheerful support of the club. If your mate is a football fan, the sheer buzz of watching a live match will be exhilarating and exciting for him. Sort out the tickets in advance and arrange food and drinks for you and the boys, to celebrate football in an amazing way with the groom.

iv. Go On A Road Trip

Many grooms are overwhelmed by the wedding arrangements and just need a break from all that planning and responsibility. What better way to do that than by taking a long drive or a road trip with the friends who have stayed with you through thick and thin? Arrange a road trip through Dublin and visit the cultural attractions that make Dublin the greatest tourist spot in Ireland. Visit the bars and pubs and the iconic landmarks.

v. Visit the Best Bar in Town

This activity may sound clichéd to you, but it’s not. Trinity Bar in Dame Street is one of the most unique bars in Dublin. They arrange stag do’s and have the most delicious burgers in town. The large HD screens on both floors offer you the chance to watch a game while having one of the most amazing root beers or whiskey. Another fantastic thing about Trinity Bar is that there is live music every night. So meet up with the event manager at Trinity and arrange a mind blowing stag do for your friend.

Another important thing, apart from arranging a good stag do, is to keep the groom safe. If you are arranging the stag do on the night before the wedding, take extreme precaution while getting your friend drunk. He might not be sober for the next day and it might ruin the wedding. Apart from that, have fun and arrange a memorable stag do for your best friend.

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