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The Rugby World Cup Final 2015


The world came crashing down, when Argentina served a mighty blow to Ireland in the Rugby World Cup final. The Millennium stadium was jam packed with Irish supporters who witnessed a lethal and precise game strategy by the Argentina Pumas. According to sport analysts, Ireland had suffered two ties with Argentina previously and never fully recovered.

The Exhilarating Game Strategy by the Pumas

In the final stages of the rugby world cup 2015, Ireland is out of the running for the final trophy. The Irish team fought bravely, but with little effect. They lost to the daring Argentina team with the score stats 43-20. Argentina went wide in favor of posing a serious challenge to the less mobile Irish forward, which resulted in a try run by Matias Maroni in the first three minutes. The pitch belonged to the Argentineans and they got the chance to try a chip and chase attack, down the wing again, after the first ten. It was a downhill battle for Ireland after that.

The Country Wide Celebration

The whirlwind victory was celebrated by the Argentineans in Dublin, while the Irish were stunned into silence. The emphatic score by the Argentine team was unbelievable. The Irish might feel disappointed and forlorn by the defeat, but the Argentineans were seen all over Dublin celebrating in their signature blue and white stripes. The Argentine team is becoming a big name in the rugby world due to its consecutive wins against Ireland and their extraordinary performance has dubbed them the stars of the Rugby World Cup. The Ireland team played a good game, but in the face of the bold moves of Argentinean players and their big hearts, they were doomed to face failure.

Embracing Victory in Trinity Bar and Venue

Argentinean players celebrated their wins after the final whistle with a spirit of exhilaration and excitement. Supporters all over Ireland were over the moon with this win. There was even a special HD screening for the match in the Trinity Bar Dublin in Dame Street where supporters of both teams gathered to watch the game and celebrate or drown their sorrows afterwards. Over the years, Trinity Bar has become a major spot for celebration and screening of big sports events. The root tap beer, delicious food and super HD screens makes Trinity a popular destination to watch the next game with your friends and family.

The Irish team is gutted over their exit from the quarter-final. The head coach for Ireland has admitted that the Argentine team had a better strategy. However, that didn’t stop him from lamenting over the dreadful result and the Irish team’s inability to win. At the start of the World Cup, the Irish team looked promising, but their campaign to win has come to a halt and the team players couldn’t hide it well. Nevertheless, they are planning to improve their skill set and work on their collision strategies and score a win by re-inventing themselves in the future.

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