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Celebrating Traditional Irish Food


Irish food has never had the honor of being world famous. But now, Irish chefs are using local produce and hereditary recipes to rediscover the Irish recipes. They have made smart and innovative changes in the recipes passed on to them through several generations and the results are spectacular. They have celebrated their roots by giving the food the respect it deserves and making it famous all over the world by giving it a modern twist. There are many places in the city of Dublin where you can visit and experience mouth watering traditional Irish cuisine firsthand, presented in an exquisite way.

Every traditional Irish dish tells us the story of its history and folklore. Modern Irish chefs have stayed true to their roots and respected the integrity of the classical recipes without reinventing them. Some of the classical Irish foods are mentioned below which stick to their traditional heritage without losing popularity throughout the years.

Traditional Irish Stew

This dish has the honor of being Ireland’s national dish. It was originally made with beef but many people have started making it with lamb too. There is a disagreement on whether vegetables should be added to the stew or not. However, the basic stock tastes more enriched when vegetables like leeks, carrots and onions are added, which brings forth the natural sweet flavor of the veggies and adds depth of the flavor to the meat itself. Trinity Bar and Venue serves the most delicious Traditional Irish Stew which is thick and saucy. Its delectable flavor makes it one of the best Irish stews in Dublin.



It is traditionally made with mashed potatoes and kale or cabbage. The addition of milk and butter gives it a nice creamy consistency. Scallions, chives, onion and leeks are added for texture. It is a famous side dish served in almost every restaurant in Ireland. It is an essential dish to cook on festivals such as Samhain and Halloween. Served with bacon or ham, the creamy colcannon gives a nice contrast to the crunchy bacon.

Oven Baked Ham with Cabbage

Baking and glazing a ham is one of the most difficult things. A good baked ham recipe is treasured and passed on through the generations. The succulent ham is roasted and then glazed with sweet honey and Guinness glaze and served with spiced sauce or gravy.

Traditional Steak and Guinness Pie


A Traditional Steak and Guinness Pie has a strong and creamy flavor of the Guinness which gives it an extra boost. The beef is cooked in the dark silky sauce with a hearty amount of flavorful vegetables and the crunchy puff pastry which makes this pie the perfect dish to eat on a cold rainy day. If you want to try this one out, head to the Trinity Bar in Dublin and order their Arthur’s homemade Steak and Guinness Pie. The crispy puff pastry and the juicy meat served in the reduced stock, veggies and mushrooms make it a memorable food experience.

The reawakening of these old recipes has made Irish food famous in the world food scene. It has squashed the rumors that the only thing Irish people are good at cooking is potatoes. Traditional Irish food does have potatoes in abundance. But the modernization of these classical recipes has given us a preview about the flavorful dishes like Colcannon, that can be made with starchy vegetable with such amazing smooth texture and flavor that you will forget about the delicate taste of the sophisticated French Bouillabaisse.

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