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7 Qualities to Look For In A Bar


When you are looking for a place to de-stress after a long day at work, grabbing a drink at one of your favorite bars in the vicinity does wonders for your mental health. The weekend blues can also be chased easily by visiting a sports bar with your mates and watching a game or two. Alternatively, you can have a romantic and adventurous dinner with your date at a bar and enjoy a drink afterwards too. All of these activities depend upon your finding the perfect bar. There are many qualities that can make a bar go from drab to fab.

Efficient Service

Good service makes a good bar. 9 out of 10 people rate a bar on the basis of how the staff treats them and the quality of service that they are provided with. The bartender and the waiting staff should be courteous and friendly. They should take your order without being pushy or intrusive. The availability of a manager on the premises is another star in the rating of the bar.

Delicious Food

Many people underestimate the availability of food in bars. Food slows down the process of gettingdrunk. Therefore, it is an extra plus point to find delicious grub in a bar. Many people can find exceptional finger food and fast food options when visiting bars. One of the best tasting burgers and aged steaks are available in the Trinity Bar and Venue over at Dame Street in Dublin.

Good Beer Collection

Bars that make an effort to provide a wide variety of spirits, whiskeys and wines to the connoisseurs are ranked highly. Although many of us have had the pleasure of drinking amazing Bloody Marys and cocktails in bars, but the thing that makes a bar, is the availability of a good draft beer, coming straight out of a tap. The brimming frothy glass of beer beats everything else when you’re visiting a bar.

Reasonable Price

A bar having happy hours or special weekly or monthly discounts Is an instant hit. This is because everyone likes to save money and a good bar provides you the opportunity to have a good time without spending huge amounts of money.

A Good Ambiance and Interior

There are a few famous bars that seemed over rated and are decorated like a fancy French restaurant. But the owners need to understand that a bar is where people come to relax and have a good drink. It should have a carefree and informal ambiance instead of a formal one. A good bar has a lively atmosphere where you can forget about the glooms of life. A friendly staff serving great food is just one part of the bigger picture. A clean and hygienic environment, good lighting and quality furniture and interior add more to it. If the bar has the facility to hold parties and feature sports events, it automatically goes to the top of the list.

Live Music

Live music is so unappreciated in today’s world. But live music in a bar makes everything more enjoyable and worthwhile. It adds the much needed oomph to the bar without making it too noisy. There should however, be a clear difference between night clubs and bars. The loud thumping trance music of a night club is very different than live music at a bar because a good bar features local bands and musicians, and provides ample entertainment to bar hoppers. If you are ever in Dublin, check out the Trinity Bar and Venue. It provides live music every day of the week.

Trinity Bar and Venue provides all of these facilities to its customer along with arranging mind-blowing parties and events with catering. The perfect location and easy accessibility makes this bar the perfect place to be.

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