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Christmas Gifts for Colleagues

Simple ideas go a long way at work.

Christmas gifts

Bribery is a crime but gifts aren’t, not when you have a big heart and it is Christmas. Work colleagues are the ones we share all day with and it turns into a family that often preys together. So, why not plan sweet somethings for your work family and wrap them and hang on Xmas tree in the traditional manner? A little generosity goes a long way, and gifts are a tried and tested recipe for strengthening relations over time. Plan a list for your work buddies according to their taste and personalities and surprise them with how thoughtful you could be. Here are some options you can consider when going Xmas shopping looking for Christmas gifts for your colleagues.

Selfie Stick and Shutter

With the term coined and the craze witnessed all over the world, a selfie stick won’t go to waste for those suffering from selfitis, or simply anyone who likes to preserve nigh ever memory. Let them capture photos to their heart’s content and fill up the memory tank with lots of cheers.

Book Cover for EBook readers/ Tablets

For the reading addicts who read cover to cover, present them with a classic book cover for unique design and identification of their tablet or e-book reader. It gives the device a stylish look, allowing customization according to the user’s personality.

Knitted Mugs

Not knitted mugs per se, but knitted covers for mugs. Available in different colors and patterns, your coffee loving workstation neighbor would probably go gaga over it. A simple Christmas gift idea to have warm hands in winters.

Beauty Essentials

Organic body scrubs, soaps and essential bath oils always have a place in a lady’s closet. Gift your sophisticated Sally a pack of bath essentials and aroma therapy oils for a fragrant Christmas and blossoming friendship.

Makeup/ Cosmetics

What woman wouldn’t want a nice branded eye shadow palette or gloss range to go with various outfits. Cosmetics are often an easy choice when the receiver of the gift is a lady and is often a celebrated item.

Cufflinks and Watches

For the masculine party, cufflinks and watches are the suitable Christmas gifts for almost any type of colleague because work is where you dress up formal; so spend on a decent choice for your cool workplace buddy.

Desk Organizers

Desk organizers are always in fashion, decent and keep your workplace tidy while keeping all the tiny stuff assorted. Add nice stationary to it and it turns out to be a very good Christmas gift for your very good fellows.

Personalized Coasters

For the neat freaks that love coffee but abhor stains on their glass table, a personalized coaster is a simple yet delightful idea for Christmas gift. Add a note or motivational quote that is evergreen and live in their memories long after you’ve switched job.

Compact Mirrors

With personalized covers showing them the ‘Princess in Pink’ or ‘Lady Gold’, you can amuse your work bff with this gift they’d carry in bags every day to work.

The list can go on forever – any suggestions from any of you to add to the list would be more than welcome. For the very best experience, the Christmas gift opening ceremony could be arranged at one of the best bars in Dublin, the Trinity Bar, which provides nonstop entertainment and music along with fine dining choices and perfect location for all your colleagues in the heart of Temple Bar in Dublin City.

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