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Celebrating Halloween in Dublin


If somebody tells you that it’s too early to think about Halloween, don’t listen to them! Every Halloween lover knows the importance of a good Halloween costume. The gothic festival of Halloween initiated when Bram Stoker had the brilliant idea to write Dracula. This gave birth to the completely new genre of literature still celebrated today in the form of the Twilight series and The Vampire Academy series. If you are looking to celebrate Halloween in the city of Dublin, then there is no better way to pay tribute to the father of Halloween, Bram Stoker himself, as Dublin caters to all ages and tastes. There is so much to do on Halloween here that it will become difficult for you to make a choice.

Some of the most unique and enjoyable things to do on Halloween are given below.

Samhain Halloween Parade Marathon

Halloween is a great time to visit Dublin. The pagan festival of Samhain which was celebrated by the Celts of Ireland is still celebrated today. In this festival, it was believed that ghosts, dead witches and goblins visited our world on All Hallows’ Eve. This gave people excuse to dress up in extraordinary and fearsome costumes to scare the evil entities away. Samhain Halloween Parade Marathon in Downtown Dublin pays tribute to this ancient festival. If you are a health fanatic, you can trade your costume for running gear. If not, you can also watch and cheer from the sidelines.

An Ode to Mummies

If you really want to get in the spirit of Halloween, there is no better way than visiting the graves and seeing dead people. St. Michigan’s Church gives tours of fearsome crypts where you can see mummified bodies and decorated skeletons. This bone chilling macabre will prove to be a memorable experience for you and your family.

A “Bloody” Adventure

Logh Key Forest Park is famous for its adventurous Halloween activities. Gather your mates and head to the park for some wholesome fun. Segway tours, Zipit forest adventure and pumpkin carving classes are some of the activities available there. The looping ancient branches of the cedar trees in the park, give it a haunted look which is perfect for Halloween.

The Farm Freak-Out

You can visit the Farmaphobia at Causer Farm where you can travel back to the world of witches, ghouls, zombie filled mazes and monster filled corn fields. This bone chilling experience will make you want to visit the farm every year.

The Spooktacular Dublin

Dublin city is celebrating its third annual Bram Stoker Festival this year. It will highlight free city zipwire, Goth Karaoke and a blood exhibition at the Science Gallery. The Dublin Zoo will also host a spooky crafts show and creepy face painting shows.

Raise Your Glass

If you visit a bar in Dublin on Halloween, you won’t be the only one in costume. Many bars and restaurants host themed Halloween parties with big cash prizes and excellent food and beer. The combination of fancy costumes and amazing food will makes your Halloween experience other worldly.

The Trinity Bar and Venue is an excellent place to celebrate Halloween. With the best burgers in town and easy to reach, you will be delighted by the ambiance and super HD screens. You can have a drink and watch a game with your friends while wearing your favorite costume.

So enjoy your Halloween in the best way possible this year in Dublin; the coaches are endless.

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