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Tips for a Successful Business Meeting

business meeting

Meetings are among the fundamentals without which a business can’t survive, be it to pitch clients or to brief your employees on a new project. While crucial, they’re often regarded as boring as lectures.

Accomplishing tasks become difficult with lack of proper planning and understanding of the basic idea. Also, the lack of interest evident during business meetings at the office reduces the morale and enthusiasm which is needed to generate ideas and come up with solutions.

Let’s take a look at some components of a successful business meeting.

Purpose and Planning

Planning prior to a meeting and premeditating on the agenda helps achieve results as expected. This involves the agenda being defined accurately and time assigned for each task to be discussed. Set the foundation in the beginning about the points to be covered, list of presentations (if any), and any other documents to be reviewed for panel discussions. Punctuality is also a key to have successful business meeting as it shows your efficiency as a manager while implicitly conveying the significance of punctuality so that it isn’t an issue for later tasks.

Open Forum for Discussions

An open platform that welcomes ideas, opinions and suggestions from all the participants ensures healthy participation of all the members present. By this, it doesn’t mean to receive the ideas of those eager to present but also of those who are relatively shy and reluctant to share their views thinking they might be rejected, ignored, or worse, joked about afterwards. Contributions from everyone should be mandatory and it should be a regular practice to encourage active participation by all employees.

Manage Time Slots

Extended meetings definitely result in boredom and weariness of all members and do not serve the purpose of achieving the goals set for the meeting according to the agenda. Manage time according to all the tasks and topics on the agenda and set a tone to adjourn the meeting once the target has been achieved. Unnecessarily prolonging the meeting only leaves it to be meaningless and the important matters being erased from consciousness of the members. Avoid derailing the meeting by letting someone take more of the share of time by managing the portion of time and information by all of the participants.

Reduce Use of Mobile Tech on a Personal Level

Notes are often taken on tablets and phones and may be checked for a quick correspondence, but it is better to minimize the usage of technology on a personal level during business meetings. It not only hinders the performance of each individual but also engages their mind elsewhere resulting in absent mindedness and deviation from purpose.

Summarize and Record

Summarize the meeting and take notes of all the important matter discussed. It helps recall the important points whenever needed or serve as documentation. Summarization of each matter discussed into pointers and minutes of meeting distributed maximum up to a day after the meeting helps in keeping it all intact- whatever was discussed and agreed upon over the course of the meeting.

A successful business meeting can also be ensured by conducting the meeting in a positively charged ambiance in the first place. This helps increase the morale and enthusiasm of the attendees in the first place. Especially if you’re going to meet clients, a friendlier atmosphere (depending on the type of meeting) may result in better results. Trinity Bar venue, Dublin provides day time space for meetings and gatherings, serving one of the best finger foods to be snacked upon and drinks according to mood and need. So treat your clients and employees for a refreshing business meeting outside the office premises.

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