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Christmas Games: Keep Up the Spirit

Xmas doesn’t just have to be enjoyable for kids, celebrate it this year better than you have before



The December 2015 calendar will probably fill up with  weekends full of parties, Christmas Games and delicious goodies prepared everywhere. Imagining the aroma of baked goods already? Well, that’s what happens to most of us and when we’re just a few days away from celebrating the most joyous time of the year. But don’t wait until the last minute to make plans. Now, is the best chance you’ll have to plan your company’s Christmas party.


Christmas games and Christmas office parties go hand in hand, and in a relaxed festive environment it gets only better to open up, relax, and enjoy with colleagues and discover the amazing goodies and gifts Santa got you.


Plan your parties with coworkers and make the most of the holiday season at one of the best bars in Dublin, the Trinity Bar to luxuriate your holiday season festivity. Enjoy some of the most delicious food options (Traditional and finger snacks) in town while you’re there.



Guess & Drink

Splurge on the finest selection of cocktails and beer at the Trinity Bar while you use your brainpower to guess the name of a movie by its title while it is enacted by a member of your team. This game is a fun way to recall old movies watched together with friends and bring up new options for future hangouts. A participant has to perform what the title of the movie is and the teams gains points by guessing the name, more you guess the more shots the opposing team has to take.



Christmas Photo Props

Prepare these props to work as your unique identities while you party. Easy patterns are available to print and surprise your guests by what you think they could become. The ‘selfie’ craze would be heightened through this handmade creativity. The colors are bound to cause a ‘flash’ here and a ‘Cheese’ there. Also, consider arranging a photo booth for professional photography  and cherished memories to look back at. Enjoy the beats of live music at Trinity Bar to keep you energized throughout your event.



Scavenger Hunt

Oh yes! The very old and famous Scavenger hunt game where you play hide n seek with whatever stuff you’ve gathered. At the Trinity Bar, you can enjoy this game to recall childhood memories in a grownup manner. Bring up interesting gifts for each other, hide them, and play rounds to gather the gifts folks have hidden for one another.



Funny Awards

‘Best Nose- in people’s affairs’, ‘Foot-in-Mouth’ (For saying wrong things at right moments) or something lighter like a ‘Wikipedia Award’ (For being a Mr.-know-it-all) and many more could be come up with in accordance to what kind of relation you share with your colleagues or what suits them well.

Have a proper award ceremony at Trinity Bar and book your reservations as earlier as possible to get the desired chance to win the hearts by winning the ‘Champagne Award’ for your sparkling personality.

Make the most of your office Christmas party at one of the best bars in Dublin, Trinity Bar. Plan the best Christmas party your colleagues have attended and savor the delicious Irish food to make you the best host/hostess at your organization.

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