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Celtic Rock – A Fusion of Irish and Scottish Music

What is Celtic Rock?

Celtic Rock may not have received a lot of media attention, but it has its own charm. For those who are unaware, this genre is a blend of traditional Scottish and Irish folk music that utilises a number of instruments such as bagpipes, the tin whistle, fiddles and other Celtic musical instruments. Celtic rockers also blend modern rock music into their creations for a truly rip roaring performance.


Even if you have not heard a whole lot about this particular genre, you should still give it a listen. Some of the best bands out there did not start off on a successful note. Many Irish inspired punk artists performed and perfected their music for decades to create a fan base. Some like the Drop Kick Murphys’ achieved fame overnight when their song ‘Shipping up to Boston’ became the official theme song for the iconic blockbuster hit, The Departed. Others inspired unique genres such as The Pogues, who inspired a lot of influential bands and proved that Celtic rock was here to stay.

If you are still not satisfied, take the British band Mumford and Sons. The band blends traditional folk songs and an assortment of unorthodox instruments such as the banjo, the dobro and the accordion to create their unique masterpieces. Despite their eclectic style, they still managed to land at number two on the Billboard 200, which just proves how popular their music is. The following bands can also become your favourites once you listen to their Celtic tunes:

Gaelic Storm


If you are a fan of Titanic, then this band is for you. Remember when Rose was taken down to steerage where the ‘real’ party was? Well, you can thank Gaelic Storm for the jaunty Irish music that was being played during it. Ever since the band came into being in a pub in a Santa Monica in 1996, they have not looked back and show no signs of slowing down. According to the founder, Patrick Murphy, traditional Irish music will never fade as long as bands like his keep reviving it.

Enter the Haggis

No, this is not the savoury pudding you love to eat and no the band does not play over the top Celtic music. Based in Toronto, Enter the Haggis is renowned for their world fusion creations which rely heavily on Celtic music. The band has a dedicated fan base and has been going strong for more than a decade. They have become so popular in fact that their latest album, Whitelake was funded entirely by donations from their admirers!


Whether you are looking to unwind after a long day, searching for the best live entertainment in Dublin for a day out with the pals, Trinity Bar Venue will not disappoint. We host bands whose performances have been praised up and down Ireland. Munch on scrumptious burgers, desserts and snacks and guzzle the best beer in town while you are enjoying the music!


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