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5 Things You Should Look for in a Sports Bar

What are the elements that make up an awesome sports bar? Is it the people? The rowdy and exciting
atmosphere? The service? The mouth watering food? Whatever, floats your boat, there are some things
that an RWC fan will look for when searching for a sports bar in Dublin. Here are just a few of their

 High(est) Def Flat Screen TVs

Nothing is more frustrating to sports fans than a low definition television that ruins the game they were
looking forward to for years! Since the Rugby World Cup occurs once every 4 years, that disappointment
is almost palpable in sports bars that do not have the media to do it justice.
 Sports Bar Big Screen
If you knew how much a good sports bar puts in making sure its patrons have the best viewing
experience, you would be shocked. Most have multiple screens, such as the Trinity Bar Venue, so that
each visitor has something to watch while guzzling down draft beer or munching on some of the best
burgers in town.

Unobstructed Views of the On-Screen Action

Of course, all of the sets should be HD and should not have a row of tap bars obstructing the view. Plus,
even if a bar has 15 HD video displays, they won’t do much good if they cannot be seen from every part
of the room they are in. That will just defeat the purpose, especially if you come late to a crowded pub
come game night.

Comfy Seats

Avid sports fans can watch their favourite teams on-screen sitting on a cold, hard floor and not even
flinch. However, when you are paying to watch a game at a pub, then you will expect comfy seats for
your rear right? Unless it’s freezing out, you won’t need heated seats, but if you are going to plunk
yourself down for 7 to 8 hours straight, then the seat better come with a cushion or at least, be
comfortable to sit on. This includes bar stools.

Surround Sound and NO Music

 rugby watch sports bar
Even if a sports bar is known for its great music, it will lose patrons quickly if it decides to play the tunes
during a game. No one wants to hear a live band or ear-blasting music when they are straining to hear
the announcers on-screen. No one will be dancing either so head to a sports bar that upholds its values
and turns off all of that ‘white noise’.

Never Ending Booze and Service

Besides a range of beers, a decent sports bar also offers a variety of wines for its patrons. Plus, if you
prefer full bodied draft beer rather than its watered down commercial counterparts, then you better
choose a bar that offers a variety of them and without making you get up for them. Even if a sport bar
has the TVs and the sound quality to satisfy you, the enjoyment will be diluted if you have to get up each
time you need to order a pint. Plus, the game should be on before it actually starts! If you are a rugby
fan, you wouldn’t want to miss a single second would you?
Whether you are looking for a bar that offers great food, good service or HD televisions, Trinity Bar
Venue will not disappoint. We have over 20 HD screens and a bar that is stocked full of the best vintage
in town.

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