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The Lip-Smacking Influence of Irish Food

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to Irish Food than just potatoes and mutton! The culinary
delights of this country are steeped in history resulting in a mouth watering heritage that has always
been dependent on the rich ingredients the country has to offer. Generations of families have harnesses
and merged these bounties of the Irish land, sea, moors and pasturelands to create masterpieces that
have been carried down through generations. The kitchen is still considered the heart of the Irish family
and their hospitality speaks volumes of their love of the country and its people.

The Rise of the Potato

Irish food has had countless influences over the centuries. From the arrival of the Celts in 500 BC to the
invasion of the Vikings and England in the 16th and 17th century, the country was exposed to a
smorgasbord of delicacies which included meat mostly. However, at the time only the rich could afford
to feast on cattle while the poor were forced to survive on the leavings (ofal), cheese, butter and milk
along with barley and wheat for nourishment.
All of that changed when a game changing vegetable was introduced to the masses, the humble potato.
The vegetable arrived in Scotland in the mid 16th century. The damp and cool climate allowed it to
flourish in leaps and bounds and the potato climbed the gastronomic ranks from simple garden fare to a
staple ingredient in all kitchens and yes, even in stables. Since it cost next to nothing to grow and
cultivate, rich, poor and animal alike grew fat from it and adopted it as a welcome replacement for their
former (less savoury) diet.
However, the dependence on the potato also backfired for the Irish when the Potato Famine hit the
country. The famine was a result of the cold weather, but the one that spanned from 1845 – 49 was hit
by a disease which wiped out whole crops of the vegetable and also killed a million Irish folk. However,
the humble potato still remains a staple in Ireland and is served in almost every meal. Not even the skins
are spared since they make a tasty snack roasted or fried.

Irish Food Today

The influence of the potato is still present, but Irish cuisine has expanded to include other ingredients as
well. Like the rest of the United Kingdom, Ireland has retained its food culture but added modern twists
that could suit the palette of the modern day culinary connoisseur.
This is why you can find a number of ethnic restaurants, fast food joints and even sports bars offering a
variety of gastronomic masterpieces that can suit almost any craving.  Recipes have been handed down
through generations, but the best diners, bars and restaurants use only locally produced, fresh
ingredients to create them.
If you are looking for mouth watering delicacies that were created using the finest ingredients, then
Trinity Bar Venue’s menu will not disappoint. Try our roasted potato skins for a blast from the past or
sample our succulent main courses that utilise the best the Irish land and sea have to offer.

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