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The Fall and Rise of the Irish Rugby Team in the Rugby World Cup

With fans gearing up for the Rugby World Cup, searching for the nearest sports bars to get into the spirit
of the game is their top priority. If you don’t want to remain clueless down at the pub, then here are
some interesting titbits on team Ireland that you can soak up. Memorise these and never be at a loss for
words down at that sports bar ever again!

The Fall

Even though Ireland’s rugby team has taken part in all 7 Rugby World Cup tournaments since it was held back in
11987 in Australia and New Zealand, they have never made it to the semi-finals and never played
against England or South Africa either. In fact, it has never gone past the quarter finals, which it
managed to reach a total of 5 times.
Here’s the breakdown: after losing to Wales, the team were knocked out of the running by Australia in
the ’87 World Cup’s quarter final. In 1991, the team lost against Scotland, but played against Australia
again only to lose by one point in the quarter finals. Four years later, Ireland was defeated once again in
(you guessed it) the quarter finals by France in Durban. In ’99, the team finished second in their pool
against Australia, only to lose to Argentina which automatically ousted them from the 2003 Rugby World
Cup since they were unable to make it to the quarter finals. However, the team did defeat Georgia and
This does not mean Ireland’s team had nothing to offer on the field. They took part in the ‘Group of
Death’ a multi-stage tournament that is quite challenging since the number of qualifying competitors
outnumbers the qualifying places. This happened in the 2007 Rugby World Cup which saw them going head to head
against Namibia, which also happened to be the lowest ranked team at the time. However, they won
only by a hair’s breadth and their performance was also placed in doubt when they failed to acquire a
bonus point when they defeated Georgia. Long story short, the team crashed and was defeated by
Argentina at the pool stage for the first time ever.

The Rise

 Rugby World Cup
Even with 4 defeats in a row which it suffered in a series of warm up tests, Ireland never gave up. In
2011’s Rugby World Cup, the team won against the United States in a 22-10 victory with a memorable
performance that left most commentators speechless. They also defeated tri-nations favourites and
defending champions, Australia with a 15-6 victory in Auckland in their 2nd pool game. Incidentally, this
was also the first time they had ever won a tri-nations championship in more than 3 decades and the
first time they defeated the Australian team in the World Cup.
Their winning streak did not stop there though. After a series of wins against Italy and Russia in the final
matches, Ireland came out on top in the third pool. This marked the first time the team had ever come
first in a pool after which they faced Wales in the quarter finals. Even though they were defeated 22-10,
their gradual rise in the ranks only showcases their determination to show the rugby world that they
won’t back down without a fight.
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