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A History of the Rugby World Cup

Did you know that the Rugby World Cup is going to be in next year’s Olympics? The game has come a
long way from its humble beginnings and the recent news has only increased its popularity. Rugby
typically comprises of 2 forms, one comprises of 15 team members and is the preferred version while
the abridged version is 7 man strong. However, the abbreviated version will be featured in the Olympics
since a winner can be determined in 3 days.
However, even if you consider yourself a diehard fan, there are some fascinating historical facts of the
game you may not know. Let’s discuss the orthodox, 15 man game which started it all. Technically, a
single team comprises of 23 players and 15 are selected at a time to be on the field while 7 players sit on
the sidelines as reserves. The concept of the game came into being in 1823 when a football player,
William Webb Ellis, grabbed the ball and ran with it to score. Debates abound as to who was actually
responsible for creating the game, but his name has still gone down in the annals of sports history for
this quintessential contribution.
Since the sport was originally played in the Rugby School that is based in England, the game came to be
known as rugby. Since it came into being, the sport has undergone several changes in regulations and a
number rules have been abolished to create the game as it is today. If you are interested, you can find
the official rulebook on the World Rugby website.
As the game continued to spread and grow after its origin, it quickly went international when teams
from England and Scotland faced off in the field in 1871. Later, Ireland and Wales played against each
other and in 1883, the Six nations competition came into being. Since the game emerged during the rule
of the British Empire, several nobles and members of the gentry would take up the sport. Several old
families in England can testify that they had famous rugby players as ancestors; in fact, several
descendants tend to take it up as well to uphold tradition.
 The 15 man game is held as a World Cup, i.e. after every 4 years and in 2015, we are going to witness
the 8th edition with England as hosts. Each game seems better than the last and the opening match this
year will be played between Fiji and England. The winner will be awarded with a gold cup that is over a
foot in height and the winners will also drink from it. This is an age old tradition that has been passed
down since the game originated.
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