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5 reasons why you should watch games in a Sports Bar

 This is a never ending debate, but as technology gets better, sports fans in Ireland are gravitating more towards sports bars. Here are the top reasons why this is so:

1. Never Ending and Quality Booze


This is a no brainer! Sports bars are stocked with an almost never ending supply of alcohol. Yes, some
stadiums can also boast the same, but the quality is subpar at most and some even water down their
beers to make them last longer. Do you really want to guzzle flat beer during the big game? Even with
adrenaline coursing through your veins, your palette will protest if it gets a taste of the former. Get the
buzz you deserve with draft beer from the best sports bars in Dublin and you won’t need to look

2. Scrumptious and Fresh Food

The same can be said of the food. Yes, stadium fare may taste awesome when you are high on
adrenaline while watching the big game, but if you take the time to savour it, it won’t taste as good.
That’s because vendors typically cut corners when they have to accommodate large crowds. Most sports
bars, on the other hand, can beat stadium food quality wise by a mile. You should be able to get pizza
that is slow cooked in an actual oven, munch on crisp nachos in homemade sauce rather than the
industrial variety and dine on some of the best burgers in town. Thankfully, sports bars in Dublin are well
stocked with scrumptious options.

3. Never miss a kickoff again!

The pleasure of waiters will become apparent when you won’t have to leave your seat to get subpar
popcorn and beer. Not only can you miss the kickoff, but the food will get cold, the beer will grow tepid.
It would be better to watch it at a sports bar that has quick service and hard working servers. You won’t
have to leave your seat for all of the full 8 hours then!

4. Park at your Convenience

Yes, it might be difficult to find a parking space in a sports bar, but compare that to the hours you’ll try
finding one around a stadium and you’ll prefer the former. Plus, if you decide that you want to watch
the game at a sports bar, then it will take you a couple of minutes to reach the nearest one. If you
decide on a stadium, you will need to plan a day ahead and clear your schedule.  Plus, a sports bar will
be the easier option and an easier sell when you are trying to convince your friends to go.

5. Variety

If you want to watch a different game down at the pub, then you don’t need to fight with the other
patrons for the remote. Just swivel your head to the other screens and watch it to your heart’s content.
Stadiums don’t have that luxury and they won’t give you the distraction the multiple screens at the bar
can if your team is getting massacred on the field.
If you are in search for a sports bar that meets all of the requirements, then make Trinity Bar Venue your
new watering hole. Besides live music and amazing food, we have the 10 best burgers in Dublin and over
20 HD screens.

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