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Sports Bar – Who Will Win the Rugby World Cup, 2015?

Spoiler alert! There is no cut and dry formula to predict who will win the upcoming Rugby World Cup,
but we can sure as hell make predictions can’t we? Let’s see if there is a link between Super Rugby and
world champions can’t we?


There have been a total of 4 amazing RWCs so far and each as much of an edge of your seat spectacle as
the last. One of the commonalities in all of them is that each was won by teams in the southern
hemisphere except England, which won in 2003. In 1999, the Crusaders took the cup beating out the
New Zealand team which was a favourite that year.

The Queensland Reds won the Round Robin during that season and the Wallabies won the Bledisole
again while in 2003, the Springboks lost to New Zealand in the quarter finals and were effectively out of
the running. During the same year, the Bulls ended up in 6th place and the season was won by the Blues,
who defeated the Crusaders in the finals. In 2007, the Bulls and Sharks were in the lead which in turn,
dominated the Springbok selection, while England made it in the final competitive even though they
were defeated beforehand by the eventual winners.

New Zealand made a return in the 2011 Rugby World Cup, but it was the Reds who made an impression
and who made it straight to the finals with the Crusaders. So, the formula certainly seems to have
worked back in 2007, but another way to predict a winner is to look at the location.

Take past winners for instance

Australia along with South Africa and New Zealand have taken the RWC
at least twice already. England won back in 2003 as well and with it you have all of the countries that are
present on the Webb Ellis trophy and all of them against the southern hemisphere.

Now, let’s take a look at where all of those took place. New Zealand took the cup on home ground in
2011 and also completed the double during it. South Africa followed in its footsteps with a win in ’95 in
Johannesburg but won again in France. That gives them more credibility in a sense if you think about it.
Additionally, England won in Sydney, away from their home soil as well.

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So, we have 2 wins that were achieved on foreign ground that the winning teams may not have been
used to. Adjusting to different terrain, food and culture shock did nothing to deter them in winning that
cup, so this year we might see more of the same. So, the Wallabies are looking like clear favourites and
might just beat England on their home soil if we take their resilience into account.

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