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When in Dublin – Things to Enjoy Outside the Temple Bar

When in Dublin, we have seen a lot of tourists and visitors getting completely lost in the food, live music,
and Gaelic games. We are not joking here. Every now and then, we get visitors who spend all the time in
our sports bar watching the games at the huge screen, enjoying scrumptious Gaelic food, listening to the best
of live music. And we can’t really blame them. The experience, we know, is unlike any other. However, it
pains us to see how much more they are missing.

Yes, with all due respect, let us tell you that Dublin is more than just food, music, and games. As one of
the major urban city in Ireland, we have a culture of our own. There are places to visit, monument to
see, and activities to enjoy. So while we love to have you here at our sports bar, we encourage every visitor to
go out and enjoy these amazing things about our city,

Start with Guinness Storehouse

It is said that no trip to Ireland is complete without a visit to this historic piece of art and architecture.
We say, this is exactly where a trip should start from. While it is a place that serves traditional Irish food
and drinks just like we do, it has a history and legacy that makes it worth a visit. You can be a
connoisseur and taste a different variety of Guinness here. The only drawback is that there won’t be live
music to entertain you, and no guide to help you with the trip.

Explore the History

Dublin is not short of museums and places of history. If you are a history buff, start your tour with the
iconic St. Patrick’s cathedral. After you are done admiring the architecture, you can land at the National
Museum on Kildare Street. The museum exhibits a jaw dropping collection of gold and silver treasures
from as early as 2500 BC. If you’re more into arts than history, then your perfect recluse would be the
National Gallery where you can find the original work of Jack B Yeats.

Visit the Croke Park

If you are impressed by all the sporting action on our big screens, you should go and check if you can
watch it live at the Croke Park. It is Ireland’s centre of GAA. Not many people are aware that this is one
of the largest stadiums in Europe and a symbol of Ireland’s national pride. Even if you can’t find tickets,
you can visit the GAA museum and learn a little more about the history of these games.
And after a tiring day of tourism, come back to Temple Bar where we will be waiting for you at our Gastropub with a
relaxing and rewinding dose of traditional Irish food and the best live music in Dublin seven nights a week.


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