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Sports Bar – How Well Do You Know Hurling?

When it comes to Hurling, there are two biggest misconceptions. First of all, people assume that hurling
is not played anywhere outside Ireland. Secondly, they think, it was actually inspired by many modern
games such as ice hockey.

Someone please hit the buzzer here!
As Irish, we take pride in anything Gaelic, whether it’s our traditional Irish food or Gaelic games. We
consider it our responsibility to clear out any confusion and misunderstanding regarding our beloved

So to start with, let us astound you with the fact that hurling is actually a prehistoric game. There is
evidence that shows that hurling was played and enjoyed some 3000 years ago. One can read about in
Irish myths and legends dating back to those times. Even more surprising is the fact that it wasn’t just
played in Ireland. It was actually played in North America during the prehistoric era. Now one might
wonder why and how it got confined to Ireland. The answer is, it didn’t.


Hurling is still played in a number of countries. People from America may seem quite unaware of the
game’s existence or at least about how it’s played, but their army happens to have a hurling team of its
own. In Milwaukee, a freakish version of game ‘Hurloween’ is actually becoming an annual event where
players play hurling dressed up in their Halloween costume.

The influence of hurling reaches as far as Middle East where they already have a Gaelic Football team in
Oman. The team has players from 16 different countries around the world. It won’t be long before they
have an actual hurling team aiming to compete on a global level.
As the fastest field sport, hurling games end in 75 minutes and those have to be the most adrenaline
filled 75 minutes of your life. Yes, it is a fast paced game which seems even better when you watch on
the largest HD screen in Dublin.

If you love hurling as much as we do, or if you are more curious about the game that has been around
for ages, visit our Trinity Bar Venue Dublin’s Premier Sports Bar and hang out with people who share the passion.
Hurling is a fast paced experience. Don’t forget to enjoy a rewinding session of live music and
entertainment we offer at our underground sports bar.


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