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Gastropub – Why Craft Beer should be your Beverage of Choice During the RWC 2015

If you haven’t tried Craft beer, then you haven’t lived. You can make your RWC experience in Dublin
much sweeter if you chug this beverage of champions with your mates down at the pub. But first, a little
bit about this beer.
drink craft beer

What is Craft Beer and Why You should try it?

As the name implies, this type of beer is made by a Craft brewery which is a small, traditional and
independent facility. The beer is made following traditional methods rather than through huge
corporations that typically produce watery beer that fails to give that much needed buzz you need
during a match. Here are some other reasons why you should try it during the RWC 2015:

Less than 2 million barrels are produced each year and the flavour is unique compared to other beers in
the market. As mentioned before, beer that is mass produced by large companies cannot compare in
taste to alcohol that has been brewed with loving care. Craft brewers take time choosing and adding
specific ingredients in each masterpiece to ensure the quality of their beer speaks for itself. They don’t
cut any corners and ensure that their beers have more substance, taste and aroma.
craft beer in gastropub

Lots and Lots of Alcohol!

Yes, it’s true! You can get totally buzzed with Craft beer since each packs a wallop at each gulp. Most
comprise of 5-10% abv (alcohol by volume) but some can go as high as 40%. Now, if you compare it with
other beers in the market which have less than 2.5% abv, then you can see why sports fans instantly fall
in love with its custom counterpart. There is simply no comparison if you are looking for a beverage that
can get you high enough to make the big game way more exciting.


Less Tinkling, More Mingling

Delay nature’s call by guzzling Craft beer during the big game. You won’t ever miss a crucial touchdown
or an inside joke ever again. It’s a fact, if you drink this beverage, you won’t have to rush to the
bathroom every 10 minutes to relieve yourself. That’s because you won’t be drinking too many beers.

Here’s what happens. When you drink a local beer such as say, Budweiser, you are actually drinking
more water and less alcohol. So, you will have to down a couple more just to get the buzz you are
looking for. The result? A full bladder ten minutes into the game and long lines to the bathroom to boot.
With an alcohol rich beer such as craft beer, you will get buzzed with two or three at most and your
bladder will thank you for it.
serving craft beer

If you are looking for a gastropub  in Dublin that offers great live music, mouth watering food and the best Craft
beer you can drink, then we have the selections to satisfy you. Much on the best burgers in Ireland and in our underground sports bar watch the big game in HD on our high definition screens.

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