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Gastropub – Drink your Beer Straight from the Tap by opting for Draft

If you like your beer cheap but flavourful, then you will not be disappointed with draft beer. This brew
comes straight from the taps of a keg or a kegerator system which not only keeps it chilled, but
preserves its flavour as well.  The term for this beer on tap comes from the word ‘draught’ which means
to pull. Here are a few reasons why draft beer should be your main beverage of choice down at the pub:
Chilled, not Frozen

The main difference between canned and draft beer is the way each is pasteurised. The latter is almost
never made to go through the process and there is a very good reason for it. You see, when a beer is
pasteurised it is allowed to freeze which might preserve it for a while, but the process also ends up
killing the flavour. Since keg or draft beer is placed in large kegs and poured fresh straight from the tap,
it retains its flavour and remains chilled at just the right temperature.
It’s Super Fresh!


Believe it or not, this is quite true. The reason why this beer might be a tad bit more expensive than
other varieties is because the brewers spend a lot of time and money keeping it chilled at just the right
temperatures to ensure it does not lose its flavour. This also includes getting the keg to bars well within
its expiry or freshness date. Incidentally, a keg of pure draft beer is considered ‘brewery fresh’ at least
30 to 40 minutes after it leaves the brewery. Yes, that’s how fresh each glass of draft beer is! The result?
A full bodied taste fresh from the brewery that cannot be beat.

It’s Eco Friendly and ‘Skunk’ free

If you love Mother Nature and nothing more than a pint of the finest beer during a game in our sports bar, then Daft beer
should be your beverage of choice. Think about it, since it comes from kegs, landfills remain free of
bottles and cans that can be cruel to the environment.

Then there is the skunky odour that some beers are prone to, but not draft beer. When sunlight comes
in contact with beer, it reacts with the chemicals and produces a very nasty or ‘skunky’ smell that can
ruin each draught you take. This is quite common in bottled beer that is stored under harsh lights or
under direct sunlight. Since their keg counterparts are kept in large barrels or kegs, the beer stands
absolutely no chance of getting skunked unless you take a pint out in the sunlight to drink. However,
that won’t be a problem; once that brew touches your parched throat, you will have no choice but to
chug it down!


If you live in Dublin, then you know that the best places to get draft beer is from pubs and bars that
specialise in them like us. Besides special events, scrumptious food that can titillate the taste buds in our gastropub, great
company and feet pounding tunes with the best live music, the upcoming Rugby World Cup will seem much sweeter with a pint
of this keg beer in your hand at our underground sports bar.


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