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Why Music Is a Great Combination with Wine and Food?

If we ought to make a list of all things good in this world, there would hardly be any person whose list
won’t have good food, divine wine, and great music. Music, as wise men say, is food for soul. However,
at Trinity, we have learned that music can also be a great appetizer, or dessert for that matter. Offering
great food and live music in Dublin, we know that music can actually make good food taste even better.

We have actually seen how it can lift up the spirit and lighten the mood. Now, the effects of good music
may seem miraculous, they are actually scientifically proven.
The Journal of Culinary Science and Technology published a research a few years ago. It was the findings
of an experiment conducted on several subjects. Before we go into details of the experiment, let us first
dig into what music does to our mind and mood.


Music and Mood
Scientific experiments showed that good music actually leads to a flooding of dopamine in our mind.
Dopamine is brain chemical associated with happiness. They are responsible for making your feel happy
and rewarded. It is precisely the effect of dopamine that makes you feel good when you listen to good
music. As dopamine levels shoot up, the amount of stress hormones automatically decreases. Therefore,
you feel more cheerful and relaxed when you listen to good music.
That’s the catch! The music has to be good enough. That is exactly what we strive to offer at our temple
bar. We work with some of the most brilliant artists to bring you the best of live entertainment in
Ireland. That is because we want you to have the best of culinary experience.


Music and Food
Now coming back to the experiment!
The experiment mentioned in the Culinary Science and Technology Journal was conducted on four
different groups of diners. Each group was offered the same kind of food. However, in each setting, the
scientists changed the audio ambiance by playing different tracks. One of the rooms didn’t really have
any music playing and one of the remaining had fine live music with mild chatter in the background.  The
diner in the later room rated the food and experience much higher than those in other rooms.
At our underground Temple Bar, we invite some of the finest artists in Dublin and pair their
extraordinary talent with the best bar experience in Ireland. It is our aim to make sure every visitor
leaves with the best culinary and music experience of their life.
If you wish to see if the scientists have been right all along, visit our sports bar Dublin, and let us know
how your experiment turned out to be.

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