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The Genuine Gaelic Experience – A Foreigner’s Guide

It goes without saying that Ireland is a wonderful place for tourists who wish to experience a distinct
European culture. As Irish, we do take pride in our culture and we know that your trip to Ireland won’t
be worth your time if you spend your time confined in a hotel hardly any different than ones in your
native city. We want you to get a taste of how life is celebrated and enjoyed in Ireland. From our
understanding of culture, there are three main elements that complete a true Irish experience – the
music, the food, and of course, the sports.
As one of the best bars in Dublin, our whole business in based on this concept of trinity. Trinity Bar
Venue can easily be called a sports bar in Dublin that not only offers you the traditional Irish food but
also boasts a temple bar where you can enjoy amazing live entertainment by awesome Irish artists.
However, it always helps to know what you are about to experience, and to take your experience to the
next level, we have prepared a sneak peek into the three most essential element of the Irish culture.


The Irish Menu
Many epicures claim that they come to Ireland for some good old bangers and mash along with a
traditional variety of lager. To be honest, the Irish menu is more diverse nowadays. You might know
them for their love for potatoes, but the Irish also tend to be steak lovers. So, you will find a whole new
variety of steaks to try specially the Irish steak which is nothing like steaks you get at home. Also, there
is now a whole new array of burgers and sandwiches for those who are not in the mood for a whole
steak. Do check out the mini burgers on our menu. You can top your traditional Irish food with a
beverage that can be an Irish tea, Irish coffee, or any distinct variety of beer on the menu.


The Irish Music
U2, Van Morrison, The Corrs, there is no shortage of Irish artists who have proven themselves on an
international level. However, what you really need to experience is the underground music scene of
Ireland. The contemporary music of Ireland takes its influence from the modern rock as well as the
traditional music of the land. It is a unique amalgam, when experienced live, will transport you to a
whole different world. We are one of the best venues for live music in Dublin. Artist who have
performed at our Temple Bar include Lee Tomkins, hot Whiskey Irish Trads, Austin Monks, and
Huckleberry Jam.

gaa trinity bar venue

The Irish Sports
Did you know people of Ireland are known for their love of sports? They are pretty much crazy for Gaelic
sports and that’s one reason you will find a good number of sports bar in Dublin. However, not every
sports bar offers the experience that can live up to the level of passion they have. That is why we have
the biggest ultra HD screen in Dublin. Yes, you can experience the best of Gaelic sports on a 150 inch
screen. And with 20 of them, we make sure you are able to watch the sport you are most interested in.
To sum it up, your genuine Gaelic experience is waiting right here at Trinity Bar Venue. Don’t be late.

Dublin is waiting!

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