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Sports Bar – Watch Rugby World Cup 2015 on the Biggest Screen in Dublin

The Rugby World Cup 2015 kicks off this September, all set to rewrite history in England this year. So,
have you booked your tickets to England yet?

Well, we didn’t mean to offend you. In fact, we are here with perhaps the greatest news for any Rugby
fan in Dublin who just can’t travel all the way to England this season. Trinity Bar Venue invites you to
enjoy your favorite players in action on what we know is the biggest HD screen at any temple bar in


Yes, it is really on this season. We are inviting you to a whole 150 inches of glorious ultra HD experience
complete with a sound system that will shake the ground at every roar and scream. Not just that, we
have nearly 20 screens to make sure you have the best view of every try and tackle that takes place in
the field. However, we have more than just one reason to call ourselves the best sports bar in Dublin.
Let’s take a look at what more you can expect.

Beverages and Snacks to Spice up the Fun
Forget the boring bag of popcorn you are treated to every time you decide to watch a game at a friend’s
place. Barge in our bar and you can enjoy your favorite sports with some of the best beer and snacks
you can find in Dublin. We are known for our traditional Irish food and an extraordinary variety of
beverages available for all our guests. Pair your passion with the fine taste and aroma of our offerings
and you are bound to having the time of your life this season.


A Crowd of Like Minded Fanatics
While we aim to offer variety at Trinity, there is one thing that always remains constant. That is the
quality time you will get to spend here. Our quality goes beyond the taste and technology, a fact
apparent from the crowds that gather here. From our extremely fun and friendly staff to the crazy
crowd of fanatics who share your passion for rugby and sports, we have the best of lot here at Trinity.
While most of them are young and energetic, you will also find plenty of old sports sharing their
knowledge and stories to top off the fun.


So, we have the venue, the menu, and an exciting crowd of people cheering for your favorite team. Plus,
the huge screen that is all prepared to give you a crystal clear view of the most adrenaline filled
experience this year.

We will be showing all the matched. Make sure you have the schedule memorized so you don’t miss
even the tiniest bit of action.

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