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Month: July 2015

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How You can Revel in Dublin’s Rich Heritage and Culture as a Tourist

Dublin is a location in Ireland that is steeped in culture and boasts a rich heritage that has attracted
tourist in droves. If you happen to land in the city to attend the Rugby World Cup, then your trip will not
be complete until you visit some of the spectacular sites it has to offer:

Go back in Time

As the capital of Ireland, Dublin is perhaps the best city to discover the country’s amazing historical past.
If you want to know more about the Vikings and what the city was like during medieval times, Dublinia
Museum should be your first port of call. The life size displays will bring that time to life and is a great
way to learn how Ireland changed through the ages.

You can even visit ye old Kilmainham Gaol and see what one of the country’s most notorious prisons
was like. On the other hand, if you are interested in ancient architecture, St Patrick’s Cathedral will serve
as a fitting feast for the eyes. If you get the time, take a trek through Malahide Castle for a real time
view of the 12th century. That’s how well persevered it is!

Chug! Chug! Chug!

If you are a connoisseur of fine malts and beers, then your trip to the fun capital will be incomplete
without a visit to the Guinness Storehouse. Learn more about your favourite drink, its rich history and its
inventor, Arthur Guinness himself. You will also have the chance to snag a free drink at the end of the
tour at the Gravity Bar for a fitting end to this swoon worthy experience. Or, head on to the Old James
Distillery to learn about a number of famous Irish whiskies through an interactive tour complete with a
tasting session.


Have fun with the Family!

The Dublin Zoo is a great venue if you want to entertain the family. Complete with daily tours, a family
farm,  Gorilla rainforest and even a replica of the African Savannah complete with indigenous wildlife,
this spot is a must see. If you are still hankering for some history, then the National Wax Museum is
another great spot to teach the kids about Ireland’s colourful and majestic history.

Sporting Fun

If you are a sports fan, then the Croke Park Stadium as well as the GAA Stadium is a must visit. These are
almost a 100 years old and have hosted a number of iconic matches from football to hurling. You can
even get access to the changing rooms if you have the connections!

and join numerous rugby fans who just want to have a great time while rooting for their teams. We have over 20 HD screens so you won’t miss a single moment! Gorge yourself on some of the best burgers and beers in town while you are at it.

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Sports Bar – Stadiums in Ireland to Host the RWC 2015

If you are a rugby fan and on tenterhooks regarding the upcoming Rugby World Cup, then you should
really pay a visit to these stadiums. These behemoths are all set to host the big game and will do
wonders for your spectator experience. Here are some of the best ones in Ireland:
Rugby Sports Bar

Aviva Stadium – Dublin, Ireland

This is a massive sports stadium located right here in Dublin, Ireland and can hold almost 52,000
spectators at one time. It was erected over the former Lansdowne Road Stadium that was torn down
way back in 2007 which used to be home to the Irish Rugby Union. Aviva is based right next to a railway
station and is now owned by the Aviva Group Ireland.

Did you know that this stadium is also considered Ireland’s one and only UEFA Elite Stadium? It even
hosted the Europa League Final once and hosted the Nations Cup when it came into being the first time.
This includes the national rugby team, football team along with other home teams since 2010.

Aviva Stadium is shared and owned by the IRFU as well as the FAI or Football Association of Ireland
straight down the middle. The facility is shaped like a bowl and comprises of 4 tiers on 3 sides. The
premium level can hold approximately 10k spectators at a time and the box level, 1,300 at a time. The
remaining are shared by the remaining 2 tiers at the top and at the bottom.
Aviva Sports Stadium

Kingspan Stadium – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Formerly known as Ravenhill, this massive beauty is based in Belfast and is the proud owner of Ulster
Rugby. Since a new stand was introduced, it can now hold an impressive 18,000+ spectators at a time.
The stadium is currently owned by the Irish Rugby Football Union and has quite the colourful history.
Ravenhill stadium first opened its doors back in 1923 as a memorial for our war heroes who sacrificed
their lives for their nation during World War I and II. Before that significant year, the grounds of the

Royal Ulster Agricultural Society would play host to rugby matches for Ulster and Ireland. Before it came
under new management and was renamed to Kingspan Stadium, Ravenhill had the privilege of hosting
18 global matches which included pool games in the early ’91 and ‘99’s Rugby World Cup.

From 2012 to 2014, the stadium underwent heavy reconstruction which expanded its capacity from
12,000 to 18,000 along with 3 new stands. Needless to say new and old rugby fans in Northern Ireland
are in for a real treat during this World Cup.


If you prefer intimate gatherings, then a sports bar would prove equally as exciting. With mouth watering delicacies in one of the best gastropub in Dublin, great live music and great people, Trinity Bar Venue can be one of your main watering holes during the match.

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Gastropub – Why Craft Beer should be your Beverage of Choice During the RWC 2015

If you haven’t tried Craft beer, then you haven’t lived. You can make your RWC experience in Dublin
much sweeter if you chug this beverage of champions with your mates down at the pub. But first, a little
bit about this beer.
drink craft beer

What is Craft Beer and Why You should try it?

As the name implies, this type of beer is made by a Craft brewery which is a small, traditional and
independent facility. The beer is made following traditional methods rather than through huge
corporations that typically produce watery beer that fails to give that much needed buzz you need
during a match. Here are some other reasons why you should try it during the RWC 2015:

Less than 2 million barrels are produced each year and the flavour is unique compared to other beers in
the market. As mentioned before, beer that is mass produced by large companies cannot compare in
taste to alcohol that has been brewed with loving care. Craft brewers take time choosing and adding
specific ingredients in each masterpiece to ensure the quality of their beer speaks for itself. They don’t
cut any corners and ensure that their beers have more substance, taste and aroma.
craft beer in gastropub

Lots and Lots of Alcohol!

Yes, it’s true! You can get totally buzzed with Craft beer since each packs a wallop at each gulp. Most
comprise of 5-10% abv (alcohol by volume) but some can go as high as 40%. Now, if you compare it with
other beers in the market which have less than 2.5% abv, then you can see why sports fans instantly fall
in love with its custom counterpart. There is simply no comparison if you are looking for a beverage that
can get you high enough to make the big game way more exciting.


Less Tinkling, More Mingling

Delay nature’s call by guzzling Craft beer during the big game. You won’t ever miss a crucial touchdown
or an inside joke ever again. It’s a fact, if you drink this beverage, you won’t have to rush to the
bathroom every 10 minutes to relieve yourself. That’s because you won’t be drinking too many beers.

Here’s what happens. When you drink a local beer such as say, Budweiser, you are actually drinking
more water and less alcohol. So, you will have to down a couple more just to get the buzz you are
looking for. The result? A full bladder ten minutes into the game and long lines to the bathroom to boot.
With an alcohol rich beer such as craft beer, you will get buzzed with two or three at most and your
bladder will thank you for it.
serving craft beer

If you are looking for a gastropub  in Dublin that offers great live music, mouth watering food and the best Craft
beer you can drink, then we have the selections to satisfy you. Much on the best burgers in Ireland and in our underground sports bar watch the big game in HD on our high definition screens.

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Sports Bar – Who Will Win the Rugby World Cup, 2015?

Spoiler alert! There is no cut and dry formula to predict who will win the upcoming Rugby World Cup,
but we can sure as hell make predictions can’t we? Let’s see if there is a link between Super Rugby and
world champions can’t we?


There have been a total of 4 amazing RWCs so far and each as much of an edge of your seat spectacle as
the last. One of the commonalities in all of them is that each was won by teams in the southern
hemisphere except England, which won in 2003. In 1999, the Crusaders took the cup beating out the
New Zealand team which was a favourite that year.

The Queensland Reds won the Round Robin during that season and the Wallabies won the Bledisole
again while in 2003, the Springboks lost to New Zealand in the quarter finals and were effectively out of
the running. During the same year, the Bulls ended up in 6th place and the season was won by the Blues,
who defeated the Crusaders in the finals. In 2007, the Bulls and Sharks were in the lead which in turn,
dominated the Springbok selection, while England made it in the final competitive even though they
were defeated beforehand by the eventual winners.

New Zealand made a return in the 2011 Rugby World Cup, but it was the Reds who made an impression
and who made it straight to the finals with the Crusaders. So, the formula certainly seems to have
worked back in 2007, but another way to predict a winner is to look at the location.

Take past winners for instance

Australia along with South Africa and New Zealand have taken the RWC
at least twice already. England won back in 2003 as well and with it you have all of the countries that are
present on the Webb Ellis trophy and all of them against the southern hemisphere.

Now, let’s take a look at where all of those took place. New Zealand took the cup on home ground in
2011 and also completed the double during it. South Africa followed in its footsteps with a win in ’95 in
Johannesburg but won again in France. That gives them more credibility in a sense if you think about it.
Additionally, England won in Sydney, away from their home soil as well.

sports bar rugby

So, we have 2 wins that were achieved on foreign ground that the winning teams may not have been
used to. Adjusting to different terrain, food and culture shock did nothing to deter them in winning that
cup, so this year we might see more of the same. So, the Wallabies are looking like clear favourites and
might just beat England on their home soil if we take their resilience into account.

Don’t miss a match in Dublin’s Premiere Sports Bar

Whether you are rooting for the Wallabies, the Reds or your own home team, what better way to
celebrate the game than a sports bar in Dublin? Mouth watering food, great company, free flowing beer
are aplenty and can make any match an experience in itself.

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Gastropub – Drink your Beer Straight from the Tap by opting for Draft

If you like your beer cheap but flavourful, then you will not be disappointed with draft beer. This brew
comes straight from the taps of a keg or a kegerator system which not only keeps it chilled, but
preserves its flavour as well.  The term for this beer on tap comes from the word ‘draught’ which means
to pull. Here are a few reasons why draft beer should be your main beverage of choice down at the pub:
Chilled, not Frozen

The main difference between canned and draft beer is the way each is pasteurised. The latter is almost
never made to go through the process and there is a very good reason for it. You see, when a beer is
pasteurised it is allowed to freeze which might preserve it for a while, but the process also ends up
killing the flavour. Since keg or draft beer is placed in large kegs and poured fresh straight from the tap,
it retains its flavour and remains chilled at just the right temperature.
It’s Super Fresh!


Believe it or not, this is quite true. The reason why this beer might be a tad bit more expensive than
other varieties is because the brewers spend a lot of time and money keeping it chilled at just the right
temperatures to ensure it does not lose its flavour. This also includes getting the keg to bars well within
its expiry or freshness date. Incidentally, a keg of pure draft beer is considered ‘brewery fresh’ at least
30 to 40 minutes after it leaves the brewery. Yes, that’s how fresh each glass of draft beer is! The result?
A full bodied taste fresh from the brewery that cannot be beat.

It’s Eco Friendly and ‘Skunk’ free

If you love Mother Nature and nothing more than a pint of the finest beer during a game in our sports bar, then Daft beer
should be your beverage of choice. Think about it, since it comes from kegs, landfills remain free of
bottles and cans that can be cruel to the environment.

Then there is the skunky odour that some beers are prone to, but not draft beer. When sunlight comes
in contact with beer, it reacts with the chemicals and produces a very nasty or ‘skunky’ smell that can
ruin each draught you take. This is quite common in bottled beer that is stored under harsh lights or
under direct sunlight. Since their keg counterparts are kept in large barrels or kegs, the beer stands
absolutely no chance of getting skunked unless you take a pint out in the sunlight to drink. However,
that won’t be a problem; once that brew touches your parched throat, you will have no choice but to
chug it down!


If you live in Dublin, then you know that the best places to get draft beer is from pubs and bars that
specialise in them like us. Besides special events, scrumptious food that can titillate the taste buds in our gastropub, great
company and feet pounding tunes with the best live music, the upcoming Rugby World Cup will seem much sweeter with a pint
of this keg beer in your hand at our underground sports bar.


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When in Dublin – Things to Enjoy Outside the Temple Bar

When in Dublin, we have seen a lot of tourists and visitors getting completely lost in the food, live music,
and Gaelic games. We are not joking here. Every now and then, we get visitors who spend all the time in
our sports bar watching the games at the huge screen, enjoying scrumptious Gaelic food, listening to the best
of live music. And we can’t really blame them. The experience, we know, is unlike any other. However, it
pains us to see how much more they are missing.

Yes, with all due respect, let us tell you that Dublin is more than just food, music, and games. As one of
the major urban city in Ireland, we have a culture of our own. There are places to visit, monument to
see, and activities to enjoy. So while we love to have you here at our sports bar, we encourage every visitor to
go out and enjoy these amazing things about our city,

Start with Guinness Storehouse

It is said that no trip to Ireland is complete without a visit to this historic piece of art and architecture.
We say, this is exactly where a trip should start from. While it is a place that serves traditional Irish food
and drinks just like we do, it has a history and legacy that makes it worth a visit. You can be a
connoisseur and taste a different variety of Guinness here. The only drawback is that there won’t be live
music to entertain you, and no guide to help you with the trip.

Explore the History

Dublin is not short of museums and places of history. If you are a history buff, start your tour with the
iconic St. Patrick’s cathedral. After you are done admiring the architecture, you can land at the National
Museum on Kildare Street. The museum exhibits a jaw dropping collection of gold and silver treasures
from as early as 2500 BC. If you’re more into arts than history, then your perfect recluse would be the
National Gallery where you can find the original work of Jack B Yeats.

Visit the Croke Park

If you are impressed by all the sporting action on our big screens, you should go and check if you can
watch it live at the Croke Park. It is Ireland’s centre of GAA. Not many people are aware that this is one
of the largest stadiums in Europe and a symbol of Ireland’s national pride. Even if you can’t find tickets,
you can visit the GAA museum and learn a little more about the history of these games.
And after a tiring day of tourism, come back to Temple Bar where we will be waiting for you at our Gastropub with a
relaxing and rewinding dose of traditional Irish food and the best live music in Dublin seven nights a week.


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Sports Bar – How Well Do You Know Hurling?

When it comes to Hurling, there are two biggest misconceptions. First of all, people assume that hurling
is not played anywhere outside Ireland. Secondly, they think, it was actually inspired by many modern
games such as ice hockey.

Someone please hit the buzzer here!
As Irish, we take pride in anything Gaelic, whether it’s our traditional Irish food or Gaelic games. We
consider it our responsibility to clear out any confusion and misunderstanding regarding our beloved

So to start with, let us astound you with the fact that hurling is actually a prehistoric game. There is
evidence that shows that hurling was played and enjoyed some 3000 years ago. One can read about in
Irish myths and legends dating back to those times. Even more surprising is the fact that it wasn’t just
played in Ireland. It was actually played in North America during the prehistoric era. Now one might
wonder why and how it got confined to Ireland. The answer is, it didn’t.


Hurling is still played in a number of countries. People from America may seem quite unaware of the
game’s existence or at least about how it’s played, but their army happens to have a hurling team of its
own. In Milwaukee, a freakish version of game ‘Hurloween’ is actually becoming an annual event where
players play hurling dressed up in their Halloween costume.

The influence of hurling reaches as far as Middle East where they already have a Gaelic Football team in
Oman. The team has players from 16 different countries around the world. It won’t be long before they
have an actual hurling team aiming to compete on a global level.
As the fastest field sport, hurling games end in 75 minutes and those have to be the most adrenaline
filled 75 minutes of your life. Yes, it is a fast paced game which seems even better when you watch on
the largest HD screen in Dublin.

If you love hurling as much as we do, or if you are more curious about the game that has been around
for ages, visit our Trinity Bar Venue Dublin’s Premier Sports Bar and hang out with people who share the passion.
Hurling is a fast paced experience. Don’t forget to enjoy a rewinding session of live music and
entertainment we offer at our underground sports bar.


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Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 09.00.50

Trinity Bar Venue hosts Dublin’s best live bands and musicians, every night of the week! Check out this week’s live music schedule:


Austin Monks




Gary O’Brien


Jimmy Coup


Jimmy Coup

Hunter and Gatherer


Hairy Badgers



Jimmy Coup

Craig Gallagher

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Lunch Specials This Week

Every day at Trinity Bar Venue – Gastropub, our chefs cook up a little extra something on top of our usual menu, just to mix things up a bit!

Check out this week’s specials:

Monday, July 27th

Penne Carbonara with Garlic Bread

Penne Carbonara

Tuesday, July 28th

BBQ Ribs served with Coleslaw & Chips

BBQ Ribs:Coleslaw:Chips

Wednesday, July 29th

Chicken Curry served with Rice

Chicken Curry

Thursday, July 30th

Chicken Kiev served with Salad & Mash

Chicken Kiev:Mash:Gravy:Side Salad

Friday, July 31st

Fish Burger with Chips

Fish Burger

Saturday, August 1st

Pork Chops served with Roasted Vegetables, Mash, & Mushroom Sauce

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 08.45.47

Sunday, August 2nd

Sunday Roast

Perfect Sunday Roast

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Sports Bar – Live Fixtures at Trinity Bar Venue This Week

Trinity Bar Venue – Sports Bar shows all of the top live fixtures, every week. Here’s a selection of what’s showing this week! Coming with a crowd for a big match? Click here to let us know and book a spot with a great view!

Monday, July 27th

We’ve got coverage of the International Champions Cup live from Guangzhou, China, with Inter Milan v Real Madrid from 1pm.


Tuesday, July 28th

The ATP Bet-at-Home Tennis Championships from Germany will be showing all this afternoon, from 10.30am.


Wednesday, July 29th

Today marks the start of England v Australia’s 3rd test in The Ashes 2015, screening from 10.30am.


Thursday, July 30th

We’ve got coverage of the International Champions Cup live from Shanghai, China, with AC Milan taking on Real Madrid from 1pm.


Friday, July 31st

Live from 2pm: The Saltire Energy Paul Lawrie Match Play. Coverage of day two of the inaugural tournament from Murcar Links Golf Club, Aberdeen.


Saturday, August 1st

We’ll be showing coverage of the friendly between Liverpool and HJK Helsinki this afternoon from 5.30pm.


Sunday, August 2nd

Tonight from 8pm, Fiorentina v Barcelona live from Florence, Italy.